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Friendly 4D Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S9

A protective film made from tempered glass for Samsung Galaxy S9


This special protective film, which is actually made from tempered glass, provides protection for your Samsung Galaxy S9 from bumps and scratches.

It adheres perfectly to the display of your Samsung Galaxy S9, freeing space for the for the camera, microphone and sensors.

It has been specially designed to absorb impacts and ensure a perfect display while rounded edges allow the screen protector to adhere to the smartphone screen.
The film is covered with a special oil-repellent coating that makes annoying spots on the screen appear less visible.

The Friendly glass screen protector is compatible with covers and hard cases: the edges of this particular protective glass are curved and designed to ensure complete attachment to the display.

Applying this protective film is extremely simple: use the two cloths included in the package (one wet and one dry) to clean and dry the screen. Then, gently press the protective film onto the screen, paying particular attention to the corners.


  • Material: toughened glass and silicone 
  • Curved edges to protect the entire display
  • Shock proof and scratch resistant
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