EAN: 8018417229398
Portable 40W power supply for notebooks with adapters

A power adapter for Notebooks and Notebooks with 12 connectors that feature European plugs


What makes this adapter so convenient? The single cable with 12 connectors. It is ideal for anyone who uses several notebooks in their home.
The connector cable linking the notebook and the charger measures around 220 cm. It enables you to use your notebook comfortably on the couch, and using it while plugged in will no longer be a problem.
Before purchasing, check whether it is compatible with your notebook by consulting the technical details.

  • Output Power: 40 W
  • Power cord: 100 cm
  • Connector cable to the notebook: 120 cm
  • 12 connectors
  • European plug

*This AC/DC power adapter is compatible with most of the notebook: DELL, IBM, Toshiba, FUJI TSU, Acer, Compaq, Sharp, Sony, etc.

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