EAN: 8018417246180
Micro USB cable with 90 ° connectors

Cable for charging and data transfer with metal connectors at an angle of 90°; 100 cm length, black colour


This Micro USB cable is unique among accessories of its kind.
Thanks to this product, you can recharge and transfer data between devices such as smartphones and tablets. The product’s metal connectors have a 90 ° angle that renders them suitable in any situation.
The 1 metre long cable is designed for those who like maximum convenience not only when charging or synchronizing their devices. Gaming enthusiasts, for example, will be able to have fun without hindrance.
The product is really very simple to use: connect the Micro USB connector to your smartphone or tablet, and the USB end to another device such as a PC or a charger equipped with this input.
A practical and innovative accessory for playing without thinking about flat batteries.


  • Charging cable
  • Data transfer and synchronization
  • Connectors: Micro USB and USB 2.0 with 90 ° angle
  • Cable length: 100 cm
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