EAN: 8018417243387
Data and charging cable USB 2.0 and Apple Lightning

Cable for recharging and data transfer and synchronisation with USB 2.0 – Apple Lightning connectors, length 1 m, white colour


This cable for recharging and data transfer is the perfect accessory for dealing with any situation.
The cable is fitted with two connectors: USB 2.0 and universal Apple Lightning for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Using it is really intuitive: insert the Lightning connector into your Apple device and the USB into other devices such as PCs or laptops.
As well as charging your iPhone/iPad/iPod, you can also synchronise images and videos and backup your data using iTunes software.

With a length of only 1 m and easy to roll up, this cable is a practical item to carry with you at all times.


  • Compatible with all devices fitted with Lightning connector
  • USB – Lightning MFI (Made for Apple) connectors
  • Allows for recharging, synchronisation and backup
  • Cable length: 1 metre
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