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Car charger with 2 USB outputs

2400 mAh charger with two 2.4A USB outputs, plastic-free packaging


Charging your devices in the car has never been easier, thanks to this compact and ergonomically designed 2400 mAh charger.
With the two universal 2.4A USB outputs, you can charge your smartphone and other devices easily and quickly. All you need to do is insert the charger's connector into your car's cigarette lighter socket and you can even connect two devices at the same time to the USB outputs. When both are used, the output power of each port will be halved.

The Intelligent Charge technology allows the connected device to be provided with the maximum charge in the shortest time possible.
After just 30 minutes of charging, the power level of your device will already reach 50%.
This car charger is the ideal accessory for keeping on you at all times, to deal with any situation.


The eco pack renounces its plastic components opting for a totally paper composition.


  • 2400 mAh charger
  • Two 2.4A USB outputs
  • Maximum power output: 2.4A
  • Charging type: quick
  • Charge level of device after 30 minutes: 50%*
  • Status LED
  • Plastic-free Eco Pack

* charging times depend on the device being charged.

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