EAN: 8018417255885
Clamp wireless support with automatic closure
10W wireless support with quick charge with QI technology and Automatic Detection System, clip hook for attaching to ventilation source and automatic closure


You’ll be amazed by this wireless car holder with automatic closure: the latest combination of technology to charge your smartphone and keep your mobile phone fixed and easily visible while driving!


The Clamp support is characterized by an automatic opening and closing system that will avoid unnecessary effort once and for all and avoid wasting timer fixing the smartphone to the hooks.
Thanks to a sensor, in fact, you merely need to put your device close to the holder: the clamps will open instantly so you can insert the phone. Then the arms will close automatically.
To extract the smartphone, simply place your finger on another sensor placed at the bottom of Clamp and the hooks will open instantly.


This clamp is characterised by its wireless charging capacity that lets you charge smartphones enabled with this technology by simply placing them on the mount.
The USB – Type-C cable provided in the pack needs to be used to power the phone mount: insert the Type-C connector into the relevant input socket and the USB connector into the 12/24 V socket of your car.

The IQ certification is issued by the Wireless Power Consortium: this standard indicates chargers that can power devices wirelessly in complete safety.
In addition, if you want to take advantage of the quick charge mode and charge your smartphone to 50% in only 30 minutes, simply attach the mount to a Quick Charge charger. The QI technology ensures that this type of device is in fact able to considerably reduce the charging time.


ADS technology (Automatic Detection System) enables this mount to recognise the power needs of the device in order to avoid overheating. This innovative system enables the mount to recharge smartphones like the iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus with powers of 5W and 7.5W.
The Clamp phone mount is a valuable ally for recharging and for exploiting the full potential of your smartphone without distract you from driving.


  • Automatic opening and closing system
  • Wireless quick charging
  • Air vent clip for attaching mount
  • QI technology
  • ADS technology (Automatic Detection System)
  • Power: 10W
  • USB – Type-C charging cable included
  • Charge level of your smartphone after 30 minutes: 50% *

* charging times are approximate and will depend on the device being recharged.

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