Our company is expanding its range of services to customers with Fast Skin.


Customers can go to an SBS sales outlet and, with the help of the retailer,  attach a protective film to the display on their smartphone in about 4 minutes.

The retailer will have been given the use of a special kit that includes a cutting machine, a tablet and a non-slip mat to facilitate application of the screen film.

Fast Skin enables you to afix a protective film over the entire surface of your smartphone, reducing the application time by approximately 75% compared to other products on the market. The film is cut to size in less than a minute and applied dry: adherence is perfect even on the edges.

The Fast Skin database on smartphone models is continually updated. It currently guarantees the covering of over 1,000 types of mobile phones to meet the most varied needs. When a new smartphone is launched on the market, the system is updated to anticipate the needs of the customer.

SBS also offers a website - www.fastsk.in - and an assistance service (via e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via telephone number 0322.980909).

The device protection sector is enriched with an additional service for customers: assistance becomes fast, effective and simple with Fast Skin.