A charging station for smartphones and portable devices, belt smartphone cases and Bluetooth headsets - SBS supported, in its own way, the 1900 athletes running the Ultra Trail of Lake Orta.


The just-concluded edition of UTLO - Lake Orta Ultra Trail has seen more than 1900 athletes, of which about 400 were from overseas, run the various courses among the hiking trails and mountain roads on the slopes around Lake Orta.

Five races were staged between Friday 20 October and Sunday 22 October: 120 km, 82 km, 58 km, 34 km and finally 17 km. Among the leaders over the various distances were the athletes Giulio Ornati - ranked second for the 120 km race - and Riccardo Borgialli - winner of the 58 km race.

This year, for the second time, SBS entered its own small team of runners. The athletes participated in the 34km race, reaching the finish line tired but happy to complete the race. SBS, one of the official sponsors of the event, provided athletes with a "Charging Station" for smartphones and portable devices, indispensable aids during Ultra Trail races, given the length and difficulties of the various routes.

Located at the Omegna Oratory, in the rest area for athletes, the Charging Station was equipped with Micro-USB, Type C and Lightning chargers to allow the charging of any device.

SBS also awarded Bluetooth Sport Runway Evolution earphones to the best finishers in the five races, and provided participants with a total of 700 smartphone belt cases, ultra-lightweight pockets with zip fastening for safely storing smartphones.

From a company that has chosen sport and well-being among the influences on its product range, SBS continues to support sport and participate in the life of the region, always ready to get involved in the action in person.