The stunning landscape of Verbano - Cusio - Ossola in Piedmont is the backdrop for the Vibram UTLO race (ULTO stands for the Ultra Trail of Lake Orta). The race starts from the town of Omegna and even this year, SBS is proud to be an official sponsor.


There are now only a few days left until the Vibram ULTO which leaves Omegna for the winding terrain and dramatic scenery of Verbano Cusio Ossola.

This year 1900 athletes have signed up to run 120, 82, 58, 34 or 18 kilometres.
The first runners (those seeking to complete the full 120 km route) will set off at 23.00 on Friday October 20 and the first of these across the finishing line are expected towards Saturday evening.
The long and intense race takes in parts of Novara and Vercelli as well as expanses of VCO.

On the morning of Saturday October 21, the athletes taking part in the races for 82, 58, 34 and 17 km will set off. This year, for the second time, a small group from SBS will be running in the 34 km category.
In events like the Ultra Trail of Lake Orta, given the length and difficulty of terrain, a smartphone is an essential piece of kit. For this, SBS is providing a total of 700 ultra lightweight pouches with zip closure to store the phone.

In addition, the best performers in each of the distance categories will receive Bluetooth Sport Runway Evolution headsets.
For more information about Vibram UTLO, click here.