Check out the TV campaign for Taggy: The Object Locator from SBS.


Starting in mid-May, a five week long TV campaign will air that is exclusively dedicated to Taggy, the object locator launched by SBS at the end of April. First unveiled at the 2017 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the product is available in three versions - white, black and in a pack of two (one black and one white). That's because the free Go Tracker app, which is dedicated to Taggy, can handle more than one Taggy at the same time.
The campaign features four different spots, telling the viewers of the three main television networks, RAI, Mediaset and Discovery Network Italia, about both the product and the company. The spots focus on two key features of Taggy and the Go Tracker app: the anti-loss function, which warns the user about losing an object, and parking, which allows you to memorise where you parked your car.

Have you seen the TV spots yet? If not, check them out here!