The days are now getting shorter and you can no longer deny the obvious truth: temperatures are constantly and relentlessly falling and winter is on its way.


Who has not been cozily muffled in warm gloves while waiting on a late train or bus in freezing cold weather, only to be interrupted with a sudden phone call? Then we begin a familiar if frustrating dance, trying to find our smartphone in time to take the call, searching in numerous pockets. You find it in time but then the touch screen will not work with your gloved fingers. Then what happens? You miss that important call. The story is always the same.

Perhaps it is now time to change the ending of this sad and frustrating story. To do so, we have launched SBS touch screen gloves. These gloves are elegant, soft and warm but the fingertips are covered with a special fibre, which allows your smartphone touch screen to respond to the touch of your fingers. Now you can answer that call without freezing hands.

You know, dressing for winter often means choosing comfort and warmth over style and good taste.
But there is a limit: it is now time to give up on wearing a hat over your headphones. Not that we are suggesting that you must give up listening to 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' on a cold Monday morning while waiting for the bus, or even 'Survivor' on a Friday evening after a long working day. We would never dare.

Instead, Wool Line by SBS offers a soft, warm and practical hat, complete with integrated headphones. Due to the Jack cable, the hat can be connected easily to your mp3 player or smartphone, allowing you to enjoy your favourite tracks without having to find a compromise between warm ears and excellent sound quality.
So, as Trinny and Susannah might say on 'What Not To Wear,' no more hats over headphones!

Want to know more? Find out more about Wool Line here.